Why Do You Want This Job - HR Interviews

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Human Resources - Why Do You Want This Job?


I've had great interest in Human Resources for many years because I feel HR is the heart of every company. As a profession, HR gives you more liberty in bringing change to an organization where improvements can be made whether it's recruitment, policy-making, appraisals, or employee engagement. I also enjoy the idea of keeping employees happy in their work so that productivity is maintained to a high standard, and the company keeps moving like clockwork.

In terms of your company and the role I'm applying for, I'm extremely interested in the new invigorating approach that your CEO has made since his takeover two years ago. It's different to what I'm used to, and I feel there'd be a great deal I could learn from the company's new outlook. I'm also looking for a company I can settle down in and give many years to. A lifelong company, so to speak.

I know your company emphasises continual learning and growth, and these are aspects I find incredibly exciting. I've spoken with James and Susan - James is in Marketing and Susan is in HR - and both of them have described the working environment as one of passion and innovation; which is something I hope to find in my next role.


The Interviewee begins by showing their love for what they do. Every employer enjoys listening to an employee's enthusiasm for what they do and this Interviewee carries their profession around with them like a badge of honour. While showing how much they love what they do, they're also getting across how much knowledge and understanding they have of the job.

One eye-catching part of the Interviewee's answer is their craving for improvement. From the answer, you get the feeling that the Interviewee wants to keep getting better and excel in what they do. This mindset is innovative and the Interviewee wouldn't be the type of employee that would follow the crowd. These types of employees are rare and are usually the ones who move up the ladder quicker than others and are responsible for bringing companies forward in the future. The employer would be delighted to find one sitting in front of them.

The Interviewee mentions two staff members currently working at the Company, which shows their direct connection. When an employer sees this they usually feel it's a good omen and can then refer to the staff member for more feedback on the Interviewee. It's always a good idea to mention current staff if you know them.

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