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What Are Your Weaknesses - Hospitality Interview

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Hospitality - What Are Your Weaknesses?


I'd have to mention my shortfall when it comes to technology. My love for people got me involved in the business, but I sometimes hit a wall with computers and have to get colleagues to bail me out. At times when other staff were busy, I needed to help guests make a hotel booking and it took me a long time to complete it - I could feel the guests getting impatient. I felt that I just hadn't taken well to the computerised systems, so I requested a crash course to try to get up to speed. This has helped me and I'm slowly but surely getting to grips with the software.

I understand that computers are a mainstay in the job, so I'm ensuring I keep up to date with the latest advances in the software generally used. Down the track I plan on being completely efficient with computers as I've signed up for an evening course in Office Suite. This should at least help me with navigation on a computer screen. I'm confident that I can improve in this aspect.


This Interviewee cuts to the chase straight away with their weakness. They show their awareness of it and the affect it has on their work and explains how they're working towards breaking down this barrier. Technology is the cornerstone of nearly any job in this day and age and the Interviewee makes sure to draw attention to this. The Interviewee laid out their answer in a very straightforward manner: 'weakness - affect - resolution'. The Interviewee mentions their outlook for their future, which is a good sign in the eyes of an employer.

To round up, the answer was direct. An employer would be impressed with the honesty and the steps taken to improve. This was a good quality background story which was straight to the point.

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