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In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Business Management - What Are Your Strengths?


I'd like to begin my answer mentioning the start-up business that I opened last year. The type of business makes it more of a side hustle than anything else. I can make anything between 500-1000 euros monthly as I have no overheads. It is solely online so it gave me an in-depth view of running an e-commerce business. Before I set up the business, I really did my homework on what was the best software to use which can be half the battle in the e-commerce world. I've laid good foundations for this side earner to be successful and when I couple this with the experience I will gain through my primary career, my future looks bright.

Coming through college, I was always the go-to guy when our group ran into problems. I put this down to my problem-solving skills. Whenever we came into difficulty, the group turned to me to quickly rectify the issue and get us back on track. Sometimes the issue could be quite complicated and I would need to think outside the box to see it in its entirety, analyse it, diagnose the problem and come up with a solution.

One of my main strengths is my punctuality and time management. I am the type of person who likes to arrive thirty minutes early, maybe grab a coffee and be ready to take on the day. That way, even if I'm five minutes late I'm still early. Time Management is high on my list of personal standards and I would look for that in any future employees I could potentially manage.


The Interviewee starts by skimming over the start-up business they created while highlighting the consequences of a venture like that. The Employer would have a distinct idea of what's required to go down the road and the Interviewee opens a line of questioning on the point by just brushing over it. This helps to lead the Employer to the questions you want them to ask. The Interviewee also points the Employer towards how organised and structured they are, by explaining how they researched the market to find the most suitable software for their business.

Then, the Interviewee plays up how strong their problem-solving is. This skill is particularly valuable in this sector. A Manager is the person in the office that the team goes to at a crucial time. A Manager should be relied upon to bring satisfaction, success and good results to the company and when the Interviewee conveyed this on a junior level, it showed how much potential they have for the future.

The Interviewee closes their answer and makes it known how important time management and punctuality is to them; this is also a quality that is highly sought after in the world of Management. The Interviewee even explains their own standards in the matter and expresses that this quality is something they will look for in future employees of their own.

Overall, a really solid answer from the Interviewee. They stayed true to the guidelines and mixed them around to suit their background and delivered the answer in the best possible way.

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