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Tell Us About Yourself - Retail Interview

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Retail -  Tell us About Yourself


Okay, so I am currently sitting Year Two in a Degree in Sales and Marketing. This can be challenging at times but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I am looking to equip myself with the practical skills and know-how that your company can provide. My plan is to build a strong portfolio of experience in line with my degree so that I can quickly move on from there.

Before I began my degree, I travelled to Australia and developed my fluency for the English language over there. I spent two years travelling across the country and held a few different positions in Retail and Hospitality. I got a feel for the culture and adapted to the Australian people. This helped me with my sales in Retail and also sparked my interest in the industry.

When I got a rhythm going with my sales I broke the company record for most sales in a calendar month. I also worked in call-centre sales doing cold calls as well as working door-to-door sales and in clothes shops. I developed different techniques on the best ways to sell, depending on the type of sale I was making. Here's an example with cold-calling: I used to check the address of a potential customer before making the call and if I found a football stadium nearby (or something similar), I would mention the team to them and try to make a connection over the call. Using these kinds of techniques and developing rapport with the potential customer has been something I've really enjoyed.

I gained some good experience in Retail since then, but I always felt I had a lot more to offer. So, when I came back to Europe I enrolled in my degree to enhance my future career.


Firstly, the Interviewee explains that they are currently studying towards a degree in the field. They map out their plan for the future with their goal in mind. In Retail, which is a target-driven business, being goal-oriented is very appealing to an employer.

The Interviewee touches on his/her overseas employment and how they became fluent in the English language. This brings its own positives with it: commanding the use of a second language is extremely valuable in this day and age. In Retail, an employer would see a second language as useful because of the increasing need to accommodate different nationalities. So, it's an important point to touch on for the employer.

The Interviewee mentions the milestones they achieved while working in call-centre sales. This shows how much natural ability the Interviewee has in the field, because at that point the Interviewee was not studying but still hitting sales targets. The Interviewee was using their initiative in the market and selling well, and they go on to explain this when mentioning the different techniques they picked up along the way.

Overall, the Interviewee stayed focused on what they wanted to get across and they explained it well, leaving the door open for questioning the points made.

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