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Tell Us About Yourself - IT Interview

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Information Technology - Tell Us About Yourself


Okay. Well, for the past four years I was doing my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science while working in a book shop to help pay for my tuition. I gained some valuable Customer Service experience through this job and benefited greatly by supplementing my education as I had first-hand access to material relevant to the area I was studying in.

In my spare time, I build desktop computers at home. I started this as a hobby when I was quite young but it has served me well as an extra income stream. I have built numerous gaming computers over the years in addition to basic builds suitable for families with children. I feel comfortable when I am working with computers, to the point that last year I began teaching younger family members how to build a computer from scratch. I now oversee my relatives using the techniques I taught them.

I feel that I have become extremely self-motivated and focused on my goals due to working to pay my tuition and also building computers. I have found resilience through the tough times and I give 110% to achieve what I set out to do. I enjoy learning new things which could take my career to the next level. I honed my skills building computers at home and I had all the time in the world when I started, so I worked towards getting the process right and developing my efficiency as I went. I now look at all projects in this manner.

I am conscious that I am sitting here today as a graduate, but I believe I have a wealth of experience behind me and would grab this with both hands if given the chance.


The Interviewee begins with his/her educational background. Considering what this interview is in relation to, it's good to highlight the education behind the Interviewee.

Then, the Interviewee explains the Retail job he/she has been in and what benefits it has provided. The Interviewee is showing great initiative to get the best out of their surroundings while also working towards personal goals. This shows commitment to tasks and a desire to better oneself.

The Interviewee goes on to speak about building computers. When we link everything that the Interviewee is doing together, we can see amazing work ethic. This Interviewee takes working to a whole other level and seems to enjoy a challenge. The Interviewee made sure to get this point across as they circled back a number of times to mention that they build computers. They recognise just how important it is in the field to understand both hardware and software.

Knowing what's needed in the field and what's valued by employers is a huge positive and will give an Interviewee the edge on other candidates. 

The Interviewee finishes well by pointing out how efficient they are. Raising the bar on what an employee should expect from themselves is something that would impress an employer.

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