Tell Us About Yourself - Finance Interview

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Finance - Tell us About Yourself


Yes, of course. So, I've recently achieved a Bachelor's degree in Finance. I got a six-month work placement while I was sitting year three in my course. This gave me some valuable experiences which I hope will serve me well going forward. In this placement, I received further academic and practical skills which I'm hoping will give me a head-start in my future career. 

I've been working part-time in a call-centre since I was in college, so I feel that I expanded my knowledge in a hands-on working environment which set me up nicely for the future. I worked closely with my Line Manager to pick up some good work habits and developed strong sense of attention to detail, which I've come to learn is the bread and butter in Finance.

Considering I'm a recent graduate, I feel that I'm bringing a significant amount of experience and knowledge to the table. I began working in the call-centre shortly after the recession and I noticed the sudden reduction in getting loans from banks and the high intensity debt collection going on in the business world. That experience has given me a solid foundation to work with, and to advise customers with if we were ever faced with another credit crunch.

Also, a family member bought property as a buy-to-let just before the recession and then the property devalued. Through my education and experience I was able to help my relative to restructure his mortgage. We then placed the property back up for rent, matching the current market price at that time. The property value has since stabilized and he has been able to increase renting costs. He is now making a healthy profit.


The Finance Interviewee opens with his/her educational qualifications relevant to the sector; and highlighting this right off the bat generates interest on the part of the Employer. The Interviewee is conscious of recently graduating and therefore not in possession of sufficient experience to stand out as a candidate. So, while using an example that wasn't necessarily relevant to the role they are applying for, it still shows experience in an office environment as well as being in posession of entry-level skills required for every vacancy, i.e. Team-work, Self-motivation, Initiative, Attention-to detail.

When the Interviewee briefly touches on the call-centre experience they have, they make sure to quickly highlight interesting facts (hands-on working environment, working closely with Line Manager, etc.) that could open up a line of questioning from the Employer. In this way, the Interviewee trys to direct the Employer towards certain points that they want brought up because they have prepared specific answers for those questions. They are very cleverly leading the Employer where they want them to go. 

The Interviewee goes on by outlining his/her knowledge of the market crash and their experiences working with a company that survived the crash. This shows that he/she possesses a degree of understanding of the procedures that the business implemented in order to keep themselves afloat. This shows extremely valuable experience that not many graduates - or employees for that matter - would have.

The Interviewee closes his answer with a personal experience relevant to the job at hand. Explaining how he assisted a relative when their buy-to-let property was dramatically decreasing in value to become a profitable stream of income would be rated highly by the Employer.

An overall observation of the answer shows that the Interviewee did not at any point speak about personal/social experiences. Tell us about yourself might seem like a simple question, one that they are trying to put you at ease with - and, for the most part, it is - but you need to remember that they want you to stay on point by keeping the conversation relevant to the interview. Speaking about your day out at the beach is not relevant, so keep those conversations between you and your friends.

Good luck! 

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