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Learn English Abroad - Introduction

In today's 'Global Village', with people around the world more connected than ever before, it has become increasingly necessary to learn English. English has become the language of international trade and commerce; media and politics; and social and civil engagement. As well as being the first language in over 50 countries around the world, English has also been embraced as a second language in the education system of many other nations, and so the value of learning English is clear for any in (or wishing to enter) the corporate world. One of the main reasons EnglishLogica exists is to address this need amongst professionals to learn and improve their English.

Of course, many young people from non English-speaking countries choose to travel to broaden their horizons, learning English along the way because they recognise the value of this international language. Strengthening your English will help you whether you're just starting out on the career ladder, or whether you find yourself in a professional environment where having better English could help you climb even higher.

With these goals in mind, we have compiled some useful information on travelling to and living in English-speaking countries, as many people recognise the advantages of immersing themselves in English-speaking cultures for improving their understanding of English in its natural contexts. This section complements our language training content, so that we can provide the whole package in relation to your career development. Here you will find information on such things as Visa requirements and applications; accommodation and employment; and some recommendations on where to learn English.

Each page that follows provides helpful information organised by country or city.

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