IELTS General Writing Task 1 Sample 2

Your resume has been selected for the next round of interviews for the position of Assistant Manager Sales. However, you have not received any information for two weeks. Write a letter to the employer enquiring about the status. You will be addressing a gentleman. (About 150 words)

Include that:

  • You did very well in their written exam and have already submitted a top IELTS score, which was an essential requirement;

  • You have been informed about selection to the next round;

  • You are anxiously waiting.


Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to enquire about the status of interviews for the position of Assistant Manager Sales in your company.

I submitted my resume in response to your job advertisement more than two weeks ago, and I was selected for interview. I also appeared for the written exam and preliminary round of interview, for which I had submitted all the required documents, including my IELTS score at the office.

I had been informed by the Human Resource Executive that my scores were good, and that I should expect a call for the second round of interview within a week. However, it has been two weeks since and I am anxiously waiting for your communication.

Kindly let me know if there has been a change in the scheduling of further rounds so that I can plan accordingly. Since I am already working, it will be slightly easier for me to chalk out my next course of action while simultaneously managing my current work schedule.

Thank you for your understanding.


Warm Regards,




Coherence and Cohesion

  • The candidate opens by clearly stating the purpose of the letter/reason for communication. Learning to be concise and efficient with your words will ensure you can write what you need to say under pressure for time in an exam.

  • The next two paragraphs elaborate on this reason, directing the reader as to who they’re dealing with and how they can identify how best to respond. Remember that a professional letter like this requires a response, and that you should clearly state what you want to know.


  • Following the opening Present Continuous ('I am writing'), which makes the action immediate and ongoing, the dominant tenses here are Past tenses - Past Simple (e.g. 'I submitted'); Present Perfect (e.g. ‘…it has been…’); and Future Simple (e.g. ‘…it will be…’).

  • A conditional verb is also used when the candidate says ‘I should expect…’ (paragraph three) - In this context, the communication in the past was intended to convey that the candidate would progress to the next logical stage in the hiring process.

  • for which I had submitted - using the Past Perfect tense here ('I had + verb') pushes the action back even further, i.e. prior to the past actions already in play. Note also the use of ‘for which', in which the preposition ‘for’ is placed correctly. The general rule is that a preposition should not fall at the end of a sentence.

  • including my IELTS score at the office - There is a comma missing here after the word ‘score’. By inserting the comma here “…including my IELTS score, at the office”, the candidate could make sure that no one thinks they got their IELTS score ‘at the office’! It also shows that the submission of documents occurred at the office.

Lexical Resource

  • chalk out - a phrasal verb meaning ‘to plan’

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