IELTS Listening Exam - Part 1 Sample 1

Cloud Print Customer Order


George wants to order some flyers and posters for his business. He contacts Cloud Print, and speaks with Sammy, a Customer Service Agent in the printing company. Listen carefully and answer questions that follow. You can have the question paper beforehand and scribble answers and points while you listen. You will get additional time (10 minutes in total) in the end to copy a fair draft for submission.



Sample Questions

Complete the missing details on the basis of your listening of the audio:

  1. Customer name: George ________________

  2. Customer Address: 34 ____________________ Avenue

  3. Order Details: _______________ A4 flyers and ________________ A3 posters

  4. Delivery Option: (Standard or Fast Track) ___________________

  5. Date to be delivered by: ___________________

  6. Package Weight: __________________ kg

  7. Total amount to pay: ________________

  8. Delivery Street Address: ______________________

Q9. Was George happy with the deal? If so, how did he express that during the conversation? If not, what portions of the conversation support this?


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