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How to Write a Personal Profile for CV

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The Personal Profile is one of the most important sections of your CV. It leads the recipient of your job application smoothly into the rest of your CVWe must take into account that when we apply for a live job vacancy, the Hiring Manager or Recruiter has possibly scrolled through hundreds of applications before they have come to yours. This could make the process become boring for them, which in turn could make them slightly robotic in their attempts to filter out the good from the bad applications. So, because of this you need to perk them up a little when they begin to read yours and get them fully interested. 

Keep in mind the following points:

  • You want them to read your full CV with fluidity
  • They need to be perked up and taking in the full CV profile you have composed
  • Almost excite the recipient
  • After the recipient finishes reading your CV, you want them to say to themselves, "I really want to meet this person"

Your Personal Profile should entice the recipient to look at your CV and make them want to know more about you!

Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient of your CV and ask yourself, would you invite you to an interview? You need to take into account the potential number of applicants that are applying for the same vacancy you are. Statistics from Glassdoor.com compiled in 2017 showed that on average there are 250 applications submitted for each vacancy. Only 2% of these 250 will be called to an interview. LinkedIn predicted after 2017 a hiring volume increase to 58% in the U.S., 67% in Mexico and 78% in India. As more opportunities are expected, more applications follow.

How do you be the shining diamond among the average 250 rocks?

How can you stand out and be noticed?

Tailor your application directly to the vacancy and the company you're applying to!

Every vacancy is different. REMEMBER THIS!

If you're applying for a position in your field of choice and you complete the full application, and then you search another position elsewhere in the same field but send the same CV and cover letter, I am 99% sure that you won't be successful in the 2nd application. No recruiter wants to read a generic application.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep it relevant
  • Don't bore the recipient
  • Make connections between your abilities and the employers needs
  • Build your application around what they require

You need to establish your connections between what the employer needs and what skills you have.

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