How to Push for a Pay Rise

It’s never an easy conversation to have when asking for a pay rise, but as they say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

On this page, you will find a sample script, putting you in the middle of a conversation between higher management and an employee. The employee is making a case for a pay rise, but management are not so sure it’s the right time.

You will see as you read through the script that we underline certain vocabulary, to consider the language used and offer some alternatives to help you build your vocabulary.



Manager: I’m sorry, but I’m not sure it’s the right time to agree to a pay rise for you.

Employee: I’m not sure if there is a better time, to be honest. I’ve recently spearheaded two extremely profitable projects which provided real value for the company.

Manager: Those projects were run by your line manager, and there were many other employees involved in their success. We can give everyone a pay rise.

Employee: My manager oversaw them, but I structured them and saw each task through to the end. My manager can vouch for that.

Manager: I see. I’ll have to run it by her and see what she thinks.

Employee: If you look at this, you’ll find my performance statistics across the board for the last half year.

Manager: Very good. This will assist us in our decision.

Employee: Yes. You’ll see a massive improvement from the beginning of the year, which I plan on continuing.

Manager: That’s really good to hear. We’ll still have to consider everything before we make any decisions.

Employee: I understand that. I’d like to finish up by expressing my appreciation for how the company has helped me grow since I began working here.



  • Similarly to our write-up ‘How to Push for a Promotion’, the employee goes at it from the angle of self-worth. He gives details on recent projects and periods of time where he went beyond what was expected and provided real value for the company.

  • The employee provides management with specific performance data to assist them in their decision-making. This is important when presenting a case for a raise.

  • The employee ensures he is respectful and expresses gratitude and appreciation for what the company has done for him so far. By doing this, management will feel the employee is invested in doing his job well, and will be more inclined to consider the request.

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