Common Interview Questions


Everyone gets nervous when they have an interview. It's perfectly normal and goes part and parcel with the situation. Although you might feel pressured, you will find that if you prepare for your interview, you will feel more confident and you will perform much better when the time comes. Just like taking an exam, you should do some research and anticipate what questions you might be asked. Take heed of the job description - the more information the employer has provided, the stronger your interview is expected to be. After all, they've told you everything they think you need to know.

Use the job description to your advantage. You can create a 'dummy interview' based on the information provided to you in the job description; and if done properly, you could anticipate questions that are very similar to what you would expect in the real interview.

Visit the company website; ask people who work in the industry or in the specific company; even go on to YouTube and research software, equipment, policies or procedures, or anything else of relevance that might arm you with the information necessary to perform well in your interview. Look up the company's reviews; see if you can find information on good Managers that could still be working there. Use this kind of information as a tool in the interview to show the depth to which you've gone.

While some companies will ask questions specific to their industry, their procedures, or their equipment, a lot of interview questions are similar no matter what industry you are in. We feel that this overview covers most of the generic questions you will encounter. If you feel there is something we haven't covered, or you have been faced with a particular question you didn't know how to answer, please contact us and we'll do our best to guide you towards the strongest possible response.

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