Vocabulary for Travel and Tourism

Video Overview

This video deals with expressions and phrasal verbs that are commonly used for travel or modes of transport. Including 'jump on', 'catch a bus', 'tale a taxi' and 'touch down'. These phrases will help you become more fluent in English.

Video Analysis

Travelling can be tricky at the best of times, but it is especially so when there is also a language barrier to deal with.

As the video shows, quite a number of expressions overlap with different forms of transport. For example, you can 'get on,' 'jump on,' 'catch,' 'take,' or 'get off' either a train, bus, or airplane. You cannot, however, 'get on' a taxi, only 'get in.' That rule applies to any form of transport that is too small for you to be able to walk around on before taking a seat.

Airplanes and the airport have a particularly lengthy list of expressions frequently used in relation to them. As Ramesh experienced, before you get on a plane you have to check in, or confirm your arrival at the airport, and pass through security to make sure you are not bringing anything dangerous onto the plane. From there you will have to make your way to your gate, where you board your airplane.

Once the flight takes off, you will often have to fasten your seat belt, especially if there is a violent movement of air, or turbulence. You may also, like Ramesh, have to touch down, or land somewhere to get a connecting flight which requires boarding a different aircraft to make your destination, usually after a stopover of up to several hours.

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