Take Down - Phrasal Verb

Video Overview

This video explains the numerous meanings and uses of the phrasal verb 'take down' in English. We show you how to use it with some easy examples to help you learn this phrasal verb in Spoken and Business English.

Video Analysis

When you ‘take something down off the shelf’, you remove it from the shelf. If you ‘take someone down’, you’ve killed them; or if you ‘take someone down to size’, you make them realize they’re not as important as they think they are. You always need to ‘take down’ your trousers before you use the toilet, just in case you have an accident! If you want to remember something important, always make sure you have a diary to ‘take it down’ in. If we’re not entirely happy with this video, we might decide to ‘take it down’ from our website.

These are some of the meanings of this phrasal verb which show the flexibility you have when using it in the English language. This phrasal verb is very common in both social and professional environments.

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