Second Wind - Idiom

Video Overview

The idiom ‘second wind' is a renewed sense of vigor after becoming fatigued. This video explains the meaning of the idiom 'second wind' in English. We explain how to use it with some easy examples for Social and Business English.

Video Analysis

When someone gets their second wind, they get a return or boost of energy which enables them to achieve their goal, continue their activity, or start again. Getting a second wind is more commonly heard in social situations, specifically sports-related activities, rather than professional environments.

Further Examples:

  1. During my first marathon, I got extremely tired mid-way through. It was only when I got my second wind that I knew I’d be able to finish.

  2. The man repetitively worked through the accounts and when his boss offered him some time off, he said: “I’m okay now, boss. I think I just got my second wind.”

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