Put Together - Phrasal Verb

Video Overview

This video explains the meaning and use of the phrasal verb 'put together' in English. We show you how to use it with some easy examples to help you learn this phrasal verb so you can use it in spoken and Business English.

Video Analysis

The phrasal verb 'put together' can mean to join different parts of something to be able to use it or to make it work properly. 'Put together' can also mean to group two or more people or things in a particular way - usually, because they share a similarity of some kind. To 'put something together' can also mean to create something by assembling different elements in a particular way. 'Put together' is a versatile phrasal verb that can be used in both professional and social contexts. It is also one of many 'separable' phrasal verbs, which means that the two words - 'put' and 'together' - do not have to go side by side. They can be separated, with the object(s) of the phrasal verb between them.

Additional examples with 'put together' are: 

An attendee at a meeting has created a document for everyone to consider:

I have put together a spreadsheet that highlights the spending areas where we could make reductions easily.

Some people in the office admire the way one of the women dresses:

Lauren is such a great dresser. She always knows how to put an outfit together that she looks professional.

An event organiser is considering a seating plan for a networking dinner:

At dinner, do you think it is better to put people together according to the language that they speak or according to their interests?

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