Pull Off Phrasal Verb

Video Overview

This video deals with the phrasal verb 'pull off.' Watch the video and then read our analysis afterwards.

Video Analysis

The phrasal verb 'pull off' has a number of meanings and be used in professional and social contexts. To 'pull off something' can mean to succeed in accomplishing something difficult or challenging. You can also 'pull off' a road, meaning to leave the main part of the road. 'Pull-off' is also an IT term meaning to take information from one device and save it to another one. You can also use 'pull off' to describe the act of taking off clothes, especially when it's done quickly.

Additional examples with 'pull off' are: 

You have to give a demonstration of a new product because the person who was supposed to do it couldn't make it: "I really don't know what I'm talking about. I hope I can pull off this demonstration!" You ask a group of young people for directions while driving and they send you to the wrong place: "I asked them for directions to the town but they told me to pull off the highway a few miles before it!"

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