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On - Prepositions of Time

Video Overview

'On' is one of the most widely used prepositions when dealing with time. We use 'on' with days of the week and special holidays for example. Learning how to use 'on' as a preposition of time is easy with simple rules, explanations and examples.

Video Analysis

'On' is widely used as a preposition of time. Here are the situations where we use 'on' the most.


We use on with days of the week

On Monday I go to school.

I will go shopping ON Tuesday.

I have a meeting ON Wednesday.

We also use on with special Days so you can say 'ON Christmas Eve we always have a big family dinner.'

'ON New Year's Eve we always drink Champagne.'

You can also ask What did you do ON the weekend?

'ON the weekend I like to go swimming.'

'I always see my friends ON the weekend.'

Watch our video for more examples on how to use 'on' as a preposition of time.

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