In - Prepositions of Time

Video Overview

Prepositions of time tell us about when something happened. 'In' is one of the most widely used prepositions when dealing with time. Prepositions in English can be easy when you know when and how to use them and hear lots of examples. Here we explain the prepositions of time, 'in ', the rules about when and how to use it with loads of easy to remember examples.

Video Analysis

We use 'in' when we want to talk about months, seasons and years.

We use 'in' when we want to say what month something happened:

Christmas is IN December.

I usually take my holidays IN August.

We use 'in' with seasons of the year:

I walk a lot IN Summer.

I wear a hat IN Winter.

The leaves fall off the trees IN Autumn.

We also use 'in' when we talk about years:

I was born IN the '80s.

The company began IN 1866.

I moved to Brazil IN 2014.

Watch our video to learn more about the preposition 'in' when you are talking about time.

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