By and With - Prepositions of Agent and Instrument

Video Overview

Prepositions of agent and instrument connect an action with the person who performed the action. They connect something that is done with the person or thing that did it. In this video, we make remembering how and when to use prepositions of agent and instrument 'by' and 'with' with easy to follow rules and simple examples in English.

Video Analysis

 'By' and 'with',  are the two main prepositions of instrument or agency. 

'By' is used when you want to talk about an action that was performed by a person,  and 'with' is used to talk about something that was performed with the help of an object or instrument

This cake was made by my mother. (person)

The Da Vinci Code was written by Dan Brown.(person)

The window was broken by my brother.(person)

The cake was made with the new mixer. (object)

The toy was fixed with some glue.(object)

The vegetables were topped with a knife. (instrument)

Watch our video to learn more about prepositions of agent and instrument and to hear even more examples.

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