Park It For Now - Idiom

Video Overview

'Park it for now' is another way of saying that you want to postpone something. This video explains the meaning and use of the idiom 'park it for now' in English. We show you how to use it with some easy examples to help you learn this idiom so you can use it in spoken and Business English.

Video Analysis

This idiom is another way of saying that you want to postpone something. As you can see from our video, most of our examples are in a professional setting as this informal phrase has become something of a buzzword in business where complications or time constraints often mean that things need to be moved or delayed. You can use this expression in a social context, but usually it's in conversations about professional issues. 

Instead of saying 'park it for now,' you can also say 'park it for a while,' or until a particular time or date. In this video, you might have heard the expression 'give me some breathing (space/room).' You can click on this expression to learn more about it.

Phrases with a similar meaning include 'stick a pin in it,' 'hold off,' and 'put it on the back burner.'

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