Making and Discussing Plans

Video Overview

This video details different ways to make and discuss plans in English. Check it out and then read the analysis for more helpful information.

Video Analysis

This video helps you learn which tenses to use when talking about future intentions or plans. There are many different tenses that can be used when making and discussing plans with someone in English. By the end of this video, you will feel much more comfortable discussing such things as future goals or aspirations, scheduled events, or travel arrangements. You can use the Present Simple or Present Continuous tenses - “I leave for America on Saturday.” “I’m flying to Australia next week.” - or you can use the Future Simple or Future Continuous tenses - “I’ll see you on Friday.” “I will compete next year. I’m not giving up!”

You can also use the popular phrase “I’m going to be (+ a verb)” - “I’m going to be learning English in London next Summer. I can’t wait!”

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