Look Out Phrasal Verb

Video Overview

This video deals with the phrasal verb 'look out.' Watch the video and then read our analysis afterwards.

Video Analysis

The phrasal verb ‘look out’ has a number of meanings and can be used in both social and professional contexts. ‘Look out’ can mean to watch or be aware of what’s happening or going on, and to be careful. You can say ‘look out’ to warn or alert someone that they are in immediate or future danger. To ‘look out’ can also mean to look from inside or from the interior of a place to the outside, such as through a window or looking out through a door.

Additional examples with 'look out' are: 

In your driving lesson, the instructor tells you: "When you are reversing, you need to look out behind you, but also all around the car as well, in case another vehicle approaches."

The police are searching for a criminal: "Police are looking out for a tall man with a thin moustache and a slim build."

Your friend is telling you their plans for building their new home: "I am hoping the house will be facing south. I want to be able to look out onto the lake from the kitchen."

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