Learn English Abroad - Ireland

Video Overview

We speak to two students who travelled from Brazil to learn English in Dublin, Ireland. Fabiana and Carlos share their experiences of living, studying, finding a job and working in Ireland and the pros and cons of studying in Ireland and Europe.

Video Analysis

As we can see in the video, Fabiana and Carlos have a lot to say about their time spent learning English in Dublin. Below is a breakdown of what was discussed.

Benefits of studying English in Ireland:

  • Easier to get a Visa to come to Ireland to study than many other countries.
  • Location also makes it easy to visit other places in Europe.
  • There are many other foreign language students in Dublin with a supportive community already in place.
  • You not only learn and speak English in the classroom, but also in everyday life whether that be getting on public transport, going to the shops, or socializing with Irish friends.
  • The Irish people are open, friendly, and easy to talk to.


  • Finding a place to live.
  • Being limited in what you could do at first because of a lack of English. 
  • Hard to separate from family and friends at home.

Advice to other foreign students coming to Ireland:

  • Do not compare Ireland with your home country. Instead, come with an open mind and a desire to experience something new and different.
  • Make an effort to go out and socialize rather than keep to yourself or stick with people from the same country as you.

Advantages Fabiana and Carlos gained from having studied in Ireland:

  • They have learned more about themselves.
  • Got to know a new culture and different people.
  • Will return home more rounded, independent, and stronger people.
  • Future employers will see from their CV that they have had the initiative to go abroad and not only learn a new language, but also experience a different way of life.

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