Through - Prepositions of Time and Place

Video Overview

The preposition 'through' often means something that goes in one side and out another side. Prepositions in English can be easy when you know when and how to use them and hear lots of examples. Here we explain the preposition 'through' as a preposition of time and place and direction.

Video Analysis

The uses of 'through' are:

1. To talk about the movement of something that goes in one side and out the other side.

"The children are crawling through the tunnels."

"The woman walks through the alley, to the marketplace."  

2. To talk about moving from one place or position to another

"I will travel through Spain in July"

"I got a fine for driving through a red light"

3. When we move through something it indicates that another obstacle or object is in the way

"I scooted through the puddle." 

"I crossed the road through the crowd." 

4. We can use 'through' to talk about general periods of time from one point to another

"I kept myself healthy down through the years, and now I look half my age."

"It snowed through most of January."

5. Through is also used to mean how we became aware of something or came into possession of something.

"I learned about the protest against the government through my local radio station."

"I got a job through a contact I made at university."

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