From - Prepositions of Time and Place

Video Overview

The preposition 'from' is used to show where something started or originates from. Prepositions in English can be easy when you know when and how to use them and hear lots of examples. Here we explain the preposition 'from' as a preposition of time and place.

Video Analysis

The uses of 'from' are:

1. To show where something starts or originates.

"I travelled from Chile to attend this conference."

"This flight is coming from New York."

2. To talk about something in relation to where you are.

"The view from the hotel balcony was stunning."

"I really enjoyed the game as I looked on from the stand."

3. To indicate the time when something begins.

"Breakfast is served from 8 a.m."

"Starting from tomorrow we will have a meeting every week on Friday morning."

4. To measure and discuss distances.

"Galway is over 200 km from Dublin."

"The drive from here to the next town is over two hours."

5. To talk about the material used to make something.

"The sculpture was carved from a single piece of Marble."

"Pancakes are made from flour, milk and eggs."

6. To talk about a change from one thing to another.

"This is a translation of the text from English to Spanish"

"Over the space of 5 years, we have gone from making a loss, to making a healthy profit."

7. To point out a difference between things or people.

"John and Adam are identical, but I can tell them apart from the colour of their eyes"

"Northern European food differs from Mediterranean food by the amount of fresh vegetables and olive oil they use"

8. To explain the cause of something.

"She had such a good night at the party but now she's worn out and tired from it all." 

"She is sunburned from lying on the beach yesterday."

9. To remove or take something away.

If you keep being bold, I'll take that ball from you!"

"The robbers took a large amount of money from the bank."

10. When there is an obstacle or something preventing an action.

"Using an umbrella stops you from getting wet."

"My grandfather told me salt will stop snails from eating my vegetables."

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