An Introduction to Articles in English Grammar

Video Overview

In this video, we explain our articles series and how to use it to understand how to use articles and why articles are important for learning English and to avoid making mistakes.

Video Analysis

In this series, we will address some unique properties of articles; the logic that exists in using them; and some common mistakes. Using articles incorrectly is a mistake that many learners make at all levels and which can really make your work and speech sound and look unprofessional, so we’re here to help you to get things right. Getting the indefinite (a/an) articles and the definite article (the) correct can make you seem like a confident and proficient English speaker. In this series, we will look at vowel sounds, the different noun types and their rules, and definite and indefinite articles. Different types of nouns behave in slightly different ways with articles, so it is important to understand the differences between them before learning the rules.

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