Get Your Head Together - Idiom

Video Overview

The idiom ‘get your head together' means ‘to organize one's thoughts, often with the aim of regaining one's calm'. This video explains the meaning of the idiom 'get your head together' in English. We explain how to use it with some easy examples for Social and Business English.

Video Analysis

When someone feels stressed, anxious, depressed, or even angry, and they want to make a positive change in their life, they should take the first step towards getting their head together. When someone gets their head together, they have overcome whatever the issue was that made them lose focus. This idiom is very popular in both social and professional situations.

Further Examples:

  1. All this stress nearly caused me to crash my car. I better get my head together before something serious happens.

  2. On my CV it says that I’m very calm and composed, so I need to get my head together before I go into the interview room.

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