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Expressions With The Word Crack

Video Overview

This video deals with popular expressions, collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs that feature the word 'crack'.  Including: crack a smile, crack a window, crack a puzzle, crack a code and get cracking. These expressions will help you sound more fluent in English.

Video Analysis

To literally 'crack' something means to cause a break in the surface of something without separating the structure, such as a plate, glass, or an egg. 

However, as the video shows, 'crack' is very versatile, and can be used in both a social and professional context, though usually only informally. To make it a little easier to understand how and when to use this word, the examples given in the video have been grouped according to their meaning below:

Crack a smile, crack a window - open something slightly. In the case of 'crack a smile,' you open your mouth slightly.

Crack a puzzle, code, case, or cracked it - solve a problem or come to understand something difficult, usually after time and effort.

Crack on, get cracking - continue doing or start to do something with urgency and determination.

Crack up, crack under the pressure - be affected by something to the point that you are unable to function normally or perform to an expected level.

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