Difference Between There, Their and They're

Video Overview

'There', 'they're' and 'their' are homophones. Their pronunciation is very similar, but they are spelled differently and have different meanings. This makes them very easy to get confused and even native speakers often use them incorrectly from time to time. In this video, we show you when to use 'there', 'their' and they're' correctly and give you some easy examples.

Video Analysis

'There' is used when we are talking about a place.

 You're going on holidays to Mexico?  I always wanted to go there.

 Where did I put my bag? -It's over there.

'Their' is used to talk about something that is owned by a group. We use it to indicate group possession.

That family is so nice, their children are always so polite and well behaved.

I love that place, their food is always so good!

And they're is a contraction for 'they are'.

My professors are great, they're so helpful when I have questions.

I love visiting that company, they're so welcoming.

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