Corner the Market - Idiom

Video Overview

The idiom ‘corner the market' means ‘to attempt to control something by buying up most or all of the product’s supply'. This video explains the meanings of the idiom ‘corner the market'. We explain how to use it with some easy examples for Social and Business English.

Video Analysis

If a company corners the market in a particular type of product, it is more successful than any other company at selling the product. They exclusively control the supply or sale of a particular product or service, in order to become the most successful in it - they have a monopoly on the product or service. The idiom uses corner in the sense of 'drive potential buyers into a corner.' This idiom is commonly heard in a professional environment.

Further Examples:

  1. I plan on cornering the market as soon as possible when I open my new business.

  2. The multi-national franchise always corners the market everywhere they go, to hit the ground running in a new location.

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