Collocations With The Word Resolve

Video Overview

In this video, we explain the meaning of popular everyday common words that go with the verb 'resolve', including resolve conflict, resolve problems, resolve a crisis, resolve differences, resolve tension and resolve disputes. Collocations improve fluency and are useful in spoken and business English.

Video Analysis

As you can see from the video, collocations with the verb 'resolve' are particularly common in a professional context. That is because its 3 most frequent uses are all relevant to day-to-day activity in a competitive business environment.

Using examples from the video, we can see that collocations with 'resolve' can be used in relation to finding a solution to a problem or difficulty, for example - 'resolve problems,' 'resolve difficulties,' or 'resolve issues.'

They can also be used to express finding a satisfactory way to deal with conflict or a disagreement, such as 'resolve conflict,' 'resolve disputes,' 'resolve disagreements,' and 'resolve tension.'

Lastly, they can be used to express bringing something to a successful conclusion, such as 'resolve a crisis,' or 'resolve matters.'

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