Collocations With The Word Keep

Video Overview

In this video, we explain the meaning of popular everyday common words that go with the verb 'keep', including keep an appointment, keep a diary, keep quiet, keep in touch, keep a promise and keep a commitment Collocations improve fluency and are useful in spoken and business English.

Video Analysis

The key to learning how and when to use these collocations featuring the verb 'keep' is to understand the main theme or concept that runs through them, which is that of maintaining, retaining, or preserving something. 

Using some examples from the video, we can see that when you 'keep a diary,' you maintain one, when you 'keep an appointment,' you do not change it or miss it, you retain it, when you 'keep quiet,' you preserve silence, when you 'keep in touch,' you maintain communication with somebody etc. 

In the reverse or negative sense, if you are not 'keeping' something, like, for example, calm, then you are failing to maintain/retain/preserve something, in this case - your composure.

As the video shows, these collocations are useful and common in both a social and professional context.

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