Collocations With The Word Identify

Video Overview

In this video, we explain the meaning of popular everyday common words that go with the verb 'identify', including identify gaps, identify causes, identify factors, identify problems and identify weaknesses. Collocations improve fluency and are useful in spoken and business English.

Video Analysis

As the video shows, collocations that feature the verb 'identify' are extremely common and useful, particularly in a professional context. A recurring theme in its various uses is that of finding or correctly recognising somebody or something, and then, by extension, highlighting them. 

Using some examples from the video, we can see that to 'identify a gap' is to find and highlight what is missing from something, to 'identify a problem' is to recognise and highlight an issue, helping to solve it, to 'identify causes' is to find out why something happened, and to 'identify opportunities' is to discover areas of possible growth and advancement. 

So, as you can see, these 10 collocations with 'identify' are very useful to express things which are of great benefit in a competitive business environment, such as solving problems, discovering opportunities, or why something went wrong, exploiting weaknesses, and making use of strengths.

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