Collocations With The Word Draw

Video Overview

In this video, we explain the meaning of popular everyday common words that go with the verb 'draw', including draw in a crowd, draw a conclusion, draw attention to, draw criticism, draw towards and draw a line. Collocations improve fluency and are useful in spoken and business English.

Video Analysis

There are many collocations that feature the verb 'draw,' but a recurring theme, certainly among the most common ones, is the idea of pulling or attracting somebody or something closer to yourself, both figuratively and literally, and establishing something.

Using some examples from the video, we can see that if you 'draw in a crowd,' you attract their attention, when you 'draw criticism,' you attract it due to something you have said or done, when you are 'drawn towards an idea,' it has figuratively pulled you towards it. Similarly, when you 'draw attention to' something, you figuratively pull others towards it by bringing it to their attention. 

With regards to the idea of establishing something, when you 'draw guidelines,' you establish a template for others to follow, when you 'draw a line,' you establish a figurative boundary, or when you 'draw out a plan,' you establish a course of action.

As the video shows, collocations with 'draw' are common in both a social and professional context.

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