Call It A Day - Idiom

Video Overview

The idiom ‘call it a day' means to ‘stop what you are doing', because you do not want to do it any longer or you think you have done enough. This video explains the meaning of the idiom 'call it a day' in English. We explain how to use it with some easy examples for Social and Business English.

Video Analysis

If you’re beginning to get tired after putting an extensive amount of time into a task or activity, it might be time to ‘call it a day’. This can also be used when someone is giving something up completely.

This idiom has a very similar meaning to the expression ‘knock it on the head’. When someone ‘knocks something on the head’ they finish up what they’ve been doing, or take a break from it for a while.

This idiom is more commonly heard in a professional environment, but you will also come across it in social situations.

Further Examples:

  1. I think I’ll call it a day in my relationship. She has no respect for me.

  2. I like to put my headphones on and get my work done. I only know it’s time to go home when my manager tells me to call it a day.

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