Vocabulary for Talking About Your Home Town

On this page, you will find lots of helpful expressions for talking about where you are from. These will help you if you are preparing for your IELTS Speaking Exam, but they will also help in any general conversation. See our Advice Pages for more information and advice.

Expressions to talk about where you are from

I am from a big city/small town/the countryside.My city is very unique.
The town I come from is very traditional.It's a modern city with lots of new buildings.
It's a historic town with many old buildings.There is a big population.
It's cosmopolitan.The architecture is very interesting, because...
We are surrounded by mountains.I live in the suburbs beside a lake/river.
It's a coastal town. (by the sea)Where I am from is not very well known.
You might not have heard of it.You might have visited...
It's a popular destination for tourists.The town attracts a lot of visitors.


Expressions for talking about the weather (where you come from)

The weather is always good. It's usually sunny.The weather can be unpredictable.
We have lots of extreme weather.It can be bitterly cold and we get a lot of snow in Winter.
Summer is my favorite time of the year because we have a lot of barbecues and go to the beach.The climate is...
We experience a lot of...We expect a rainy season between... and …
We need to always be prepared for hurricanes/monsoons.During the winter it can be a bit isolating.
The heat can be stifling.The temperatures are usually mild.


Words and adjectives to describe a place that is old

It is an ancient city.There are quite a few old, decrepit buildings that haven't been taken care of very well.
The style of buildings is quite archaic.A lot of the buildings are dated and out of fashion.
The decor inside is out of date, but some people like it.You can find a lot of vintage and retro objects from the 60s.
My town is quite old-fashioned.It's a charming town with many quaint features.
It's a traditional village with a lot of classic buildings.

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