Vocabulary for Talking About Weather

Everyone likes to talk about the weather. Some people are obsessed with it, while others know that their livelihoods depend on whether it will rain or be dry and sunny, for example. Here are some helpful expressions to get you started talking about the weather.


Talking about: The Weather

It’s a cool day. The temperatures have dropped.

Is it chilly outside? Do you think I should wear my coat?

It's freezing cold outside.

The temperature is below zero.

There’s a biting wind. (cold wind)

 We are expecting a cold snap.

 The weekend is supposed to be sunny. We should go to the beach.

It’s cloudy. It might rain soon.

Winter where we live is often rainy.

Icy sleet can make it difficult to see while driving.

The weather forecast has predicted it will be stormy.

I can hear thunder and see lightning overhead.

Hail/hailstones the size of golf balls landed on the car.

It has to be windy if you want to fly a kite.

The blustery winds signaled that a storm was on the way.

It was so foggy/misty while we were driving that it was dangerous. We couldn’t see in front of us.

Be careful outside. The ground is icy.

We all stay inside if we know there is likely to be a tornado.

After the rain, you can often see a rainbow.

It looks like clear skies. The weather will be good today.

I hate the cold. I prefer it when it’s hot.

In the spring the temperatures get warmer.

The sun is shining. We should go for a walk.

It's overcast. There are a lot of clouds.

There are strong winds. I think we might have a hurricane.

It’s raining, but not heavily. It’s more of a drizzle.

While we were walking home we got stuck in flurries of snow.

What's the forecast like?

What is the weather like?

It's a scorching hot day.

There isn't a cloud in the sky.

The weather is supposed to pick up. (pick up can mean ‘improve’)

It's so humid. The sweat is dripping off me.

The weather in the desert is hot and dry.

It's lashing rain. I got soaking wet on the way home.

The sun will come out later.

I hope the heat/rain lets up soon. (To ‘let up’, means ‘to stop’)


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