Vocabulary for Talking About Sounds

Talking about: Sounds

The sound of traffic is always audible, even when you close the windows.

The factory emits a low humming sound that can be heard around the city.

During the festival rhythmic drumming can be heard.

Our traditional music is lilting and haunting. The notes rise up and down.

The birds have a melodic song that you can hear from far away.

At the weekends, the neighbours play music at full blast.

The sound of the cars beeping can sometimes be deafening.

When the shop alarms are triggered, the sound is piercing.

At night the streets become rowdy with tourists drinking and singing.

In autumn the leaves crunch and crackle when you walk in the park.

Blaring music can be heard all through the city.

The bells chime each hour and people gather to watch the clock.

If there is a storm you can hear the waves crashing on the shore.

I love listening to the gurgling of the water from the spring.

She has a shrill, high pitched voice that is difficult to listen to.


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