Vocabulary for Talking About Cooking

Methods and directions for cooking

I like baking cakes at home.

I always bake a cake for my friends' birthdays.

A traditional English breakfast is made by frying sausages and bacon.

I don’t like to eat too much fried food.

Olive oil and rosemary go really well with roast potatoes.

You need to spend a long time roasting the turkey for Christmas dinner.

Grilling is a much healthier way of cooking than frying.

We grill loads of meat in the summer outside.

Steaming vegetables and rice preserves more nutrients than boiling.

I love the steamed vegetable dumplings in the restaurant.

You make pasta by boiling it in salted water.

I like to leave the sauce simmering for a while to bring out the flavours.

You can leave the meat stewing for an hour or more with the herbs and stock.

Using sesame or peanut oil gives a different flavour to your dish when you are stir-frying vegetables or meat.

Don’t forget to stir the sauce regularly.

I always cry when I chop onions.

Sprinkle some sugar on top of the cake.

I always peel carrots and potatoes before cooking them.

I had to roll out the dough to make the cookies.

Orange juice from the shop never tastes as good as when you squeeze it yourself at home.

Slice some cucumber and add it to water for a refreshing drink.

The recipe works better if you dice the vegetables finely.

I never weigh the ingredients. I just use common sense.

If you don’t measure the flour carefully your mixture could end up too dry or too wet.

I like to grate some cheese over my pasta.

I love to spread nutella on my pancakes.

When I was young, I loved helping to knead the dough to make bread.


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