Vocabulary for Talking About Books & Reading

Talking about Books

There were too many cliches.

I found the plot a bit confusing.

The language was a bit dated. (old-fashioned)

The story was disjointed.

The story was drab and uninspiring.

I felt the story needed editing.

The ending was too obvious.

I found the author's argument offensive.

The characters were one-dimensional.

The characters were complex and well-researched.

I find this series of books a bit overrated.

The plot was paper thin.

The storyline had many twists and turns.

The idea was poorly conceived and badly executed.

It was poorly written.

The story was predictable.

The ending was surprising.

I find books like that to be a bit pretentious.

You could tell the story was raw and personal for the author.

I don't really enjoy sentimental stories.

The beginning was slow going.

There were a few holes in the plot (or there were a few plot holes).

It was an unbelievable story.

It has a lot of literary merit.

I liked the character development.

It was a tragic story.

The events were overwhelming.

It's an important piece of literature.

I think the writing was inspired.

It's a very original piece of work.

It is a beautiful piece of prose.

The writing was too flowery. I wish the writer got to the point.

If you can get over the formal language, the story is very engaging.

I found it really inspiring.

The characters were really likable.

I could identify with the story.

It’s a story everyone should read.


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