Exam Vocabulary and Synonyms for Love

On this page, you will find lists of words to help you expand your vocabulary related to the word ‘love’. There are nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs, so you will learn how to put stronger sentences together with more sophisticated language. Practicing forming sentences in this way is particularly good if you are preparing for exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, LSAT, Civil Services, and Banking.

Example Sentence Showing Synonyms and Different Word Forms:

He cherished (verb) every moment they spent together, and you could see how intimately (adverb) they were connected. They showed affection (adjective) for each other all the time, and sometimes they shared passionate (adjective) kisses when they thought no one was looking.





In this column, you will find words that you will come across in everyday English, and which are even suitable for exams like IELTS or TOEFL.

*An asterisk means that this word is less popular in everyday English than the other words in the list. These words may also be asked in some simpler exams.

In this column, you will find words that are likely to be asked in more Advanced Exams, such as GRE, MBA, SAT/LSAT, Civil Service, Banks, etc.


Some Nouns for a (Type of) Love

(a love of/for; a great affection for; take a liking to)



I have a love for everything Mediterranean.

They protested in the streets with a zeal not seen amongst the people for centuries.

Look, I have great affection for your parents, but sometimes they drive me insane!

They displayed a zealotry that bewildered critical thinkers.

He took a liking to her instantly.

It wasn’t an insult. That word is actually a term of endearment.

I have a great appreciation for the finer things in life.

The singing and chanting whipped the people into a fervour and they started dancing and jumping around.

When I visited Crete for the first time, I developed a fondness for all things Greek.

They shared an intimacy that she had never felt before.

I developed an attachment to my dog during lockdown. I’d hate to be without him.

She felt a desire to travel the world.

They began their whirlwind romance during a weekend in Paris, and they were married within four weeks!

Your devotion towards her is admirable, but it will lead you into trouble.

His adoration for his wife was clearly evident. He would do anything for her.

I don’t think she’s in love with him. It’s more like infatuation.

He has a passion for writing that he couldn’t live without.


Some Adjectives

(e.g. to be passionate about sth; to be infatuated by; she was just adorable)



I’ve long been passionate about art. I’m a passionate collector as well.

Her friends didn’t like the fact that she was besotted with her new boyfriend. She acted so silly around him.

The lawyer made an impassioned plea to the court, hoping to get a reduced sentence for her client.

The man was completely devoted to his family. They meant the world to him.

We were absolutely enchanted by the twinkling lights as the sun went down.

The monks were a zealous group, and didn’t appreciate any criticism of their beliefs.

Oh, my God, that’s adorable! Your cat is so cute!

Both parties were desirous of reaching an agreement.

He seemed infatuated with her. We couldn’t get him to stop talking about her.

The surroundings were so romantic, and they fell in love almost overnight.

My daughter has always been very affectionate. I love getting hugs from her.

Thank you very much. I’m appreciative of everything you’ve done for me.

I’m very fond of my niece and nephew, but sometimes they give me a headache.

They shared intimate moments unlike any she had ever experienced.

His actions were so endearing that everyone liked him from the beginning.

The couple were very attached to each other, and they went everywhere together.


Some Verbs for Loving Someone/Something

(e.g. to love; to cherish; to treasure)



She loved him with all her heart.

I relished the competition ahead. I loved a challenge.

You should know I adore my children. I don’t need to keep saying it.

He was so in love with her that he worshipped the ground she walked on.

I treasure my children and everything they bring to my life.

She cherished every minute they spent together.

I appreciate* that. Thank you.

*more about showing gratitude than love


Some Adverbs to Say Something was Done With Love

(she looked at him adoringly; they kissed passionately; they were intimately connected)



She looked at him adoringly, as if she would do anything for him.

The old cottage had been restored lovingly to its former glory.

They were intimately* connected by events in their past.

*This is more about intricacy or a sense of something being unbreakable.

I didn’t know they were romantically involved.

They kissed passionately as everyone watched on. It was quite embarrassing.

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