Exam Vocabulary and Synonyms for Eating

On this page, you will find lists of words to help you expand your vocabulary related to the word ‘eating’. There are nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs, so you will learn how to put stronger sentences together with more sophisticated language. Practicing forming sentences in this way is particularly good if you are preparing for exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, LSAT, Civil Services, and Banking.

Example Sentence Showing Synonyms and Different Word Forms:

We stuffed (verb) ourselves that night, wolfing down (phrasal verb) all the junk food. Mom had never seen me devour (verb) so much food in one sitting, but it was a great feed (noun) and we all fell asleep after it.





In this column, you will find words that you will come across in everyday English, and which are even suitable for exams like IELTS or TOEFL.

*An asterisk means that this word is less popular in everyday English than the other words in the list. These words may also be asked in some simpler exams.

In this column, you will find words that are likely to be asked in more Advanced Exams, such as GRE, MBA, SAT/LSAT, Civil Service, Banks, etc.


Some Nouns Related to Eating

(a lovely spread; a great feast; some wonderful grub)



We had a big feed before we left for the airport. We were stuffed!

The dentist wanted to know how good my mastication* was.

*a technical term meaning ‘chewing’

They laid out a feast for us at the wedding. Everyone was stuffed!

The caterers laid out a lovely spread for people to pick at after the show.

We had some top class grub* followed by a few drinks.

*U.K. Slang

Mom prepared the nosh* while Dad put the groceries away.

*U.K. Slang



Some Verbs for Different Ways of Eating

(they gorged themselves; I picked at my dinner; the kids wolfed down the food)



I love munching on crispy ginger biscuits with a nice cup of tea.

You shouldn’t masticate* too long when eating beef. It will hurt your jaw.

*a technical term meaning ‘chewing’

The dog gnawed contentedly at/on the bone.

The boy couldn’t wait to get back to his friends, so he gobbled up his dinner and hurried back out.

The dentist told me to bite down hard while my teeth were being x-rayed.

I just like to nibble on the chocolate bar. It makes it last longer.

He absoutely devoured the food put in front him.

Sometimes, I like to snack on peanuts and raisins while I work.

Throw the leftover food out in the garden. The birds will peck at it until it’s all gone.

It was normal for the insects to ingest their own body weight in food on a daily basis.

We were so hungry that we wolfed down the food and then felt sick afterwards.

The kids stuffed themselves with junk food and ice-cream.

She was able to feed herself by the time she was 18 months old.

We weren't really hungry, so we moved around the tables of food like cows, grazing on bits of food here and there.

I’ll just pick at my dinner. I’m not really hungry, but it looks good.

This weekend, we should just binge on take-away and chocolate.

Don’t gorge yourselves on that ice-cream. You’ll make yourselves sick!

They scoffed down their food and left us to tidy up after them!

The lords and ladies feasted* on many different kinds of meat, fowl, and fish. It was incredibly indulgent.

*A more literary or historical term

We dined* in a wonderful French restaurant that night. It was the highlight of our trip to the Riviera.

*This is a particularly posh (upper class) way of talking about eating out in a restaurant or having a catered meal.


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