Collocations With The Word Sit

Collocations are words that usually go together in English.

Here we are going to look at words that go with 'sit' to make useful and popular expressions you will hear in social and professional contexts.

Sit still

In a literal sense, if you 'sit still', you remain seated without fidgeting or moving around. In a more figurative sense, it can refer to inaction or stagnation.


  • I was so bored during the lecture that I found it very difficult to sit still.
  • As a business in such a competitive market, we can't afford to be sitting still. We must keep trying to grow and develop.
  • The government did not rush to action after the attack. Instead they sat still and considered the most appropriate response.

Sit comfortably

The collocation to 'sit comfortably' can be used to refer to something in line with one's values or policy. In a more literal sense, it can also be used to refer to being seated in a relaxed, unconstrained way. 


  • Frank's behaviour did not sit comfortably with upper management, and they warned him about his future conduct.
  • If everyone is sitting comfortably, then I will begin the presentation.
  • You could be waiting a while, so find somewhere to sit comfortably.

Sit uneasily

When something 'sits uneasily', it leaves you feeling concerned or uncomfortable.


  • Brenda's firing sits uneasily with me. She did not deserve that.
  • I turned the job down in that country because their Human Rights record sat uneasily with me.
  • If what you said to Paul is sitting uneasily with you, why don't you just apologize?

Sit an exam

If you 'sit an exam', you take a formal test or assessment, usually for the purposes of judging your knowledge or competence.


  • I won't know how well I have revised until I sit my exams at the end of the month.
  • Sitting exams always makes me nervous. You just never know what is going to come up.
  • Everyone applying for a job here is required to sit an exam once the interview process is over.

Sit in silence

In a literal sense, to 'sit in silence' means to remain seated without making noise. In a figurative sense, it means to refuse to speak out about something.


  • The speaker captivated the audience. Everyone just sat in silence and listened.
  • David was in the wrong and I refuse to just sit in silence and let him get away with it.

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