Collocations With The Word Show

Collocations are words that usually go together in English.

Here we are going to look at words that go with the word 'show' to make useful and popular expressions you will hear in social and professional contexts.

Show leadership

When you 'show leadership', you demonstrate your ability to direct and organize.


  • I'm looking for a candidate who can take initiative and show leadership when things go badly.
  • Emily showed her leadership qualities when she amicably resolved the dispute between the two departments.
  • The project manager was accused of not showing good leadership by favouring some members of his team over others. 

Show support for

If you 'show support', you do or say something to help, bolster, or favour somebody or something.


  • I wanted to attend the fundraiser to show support for Holly who had organized it all.
  • The parade was about showing support for injured war veterans.
  • The politician initially showed support for the proposal, but then reversed her position after facing a backlash. 

Show improvement

When you 'show improvement', you demonstrate a positive change, particularly an enhanced condition or performance.


  • If your work doesn't show improvement in the next few weeks, I will have to let you go.
  • Our sales numbers have shown some improvement this month, but they are still down overall.
  • John has been sick for a while, but he's now finally showing some signs of improvement.

Show potential

If you 'show potential', you exhibit the capacity or promise to be successful in the future.


  • Kate may be new to the company, but she is showing a lot of potential. I think she will be climbing the ladder very soon.
  • The young footballer shows potential, but he is still a long way off hitting the big time.
  • Your drawings showed great potential. It's such a shame you gave up on becoming an artist!

A brave show

When you put on 'a brave show', you behave in a self-controlled or courageous manner, especially when faced with something difficult or upsetting.


  • The underdogs put on a brave show, but eventually lost the game.
  • Chris was putting on a brave show, but underneath I knew he was devastated not to get the job.

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