Collocations With The Word Save

Collocations are words that usually go together in English.

Here we are going to look at words that go with 'save' to make useful and popular expressions you will hear in social and professional contexts.

Save space

To 'save space' means to conserve or create an unoccupied area or available capacity.


  • Staff are told to delete unnecessary files from their computer in order to save space.
  • The boss wants all memos to be kept as short as possible, so we will often use space-saving acronyms.
  • My apartment is very small, so my bed folds up to save space.

Save work

When you 'save work', you store your progress with something on a computer or storage device. The collocation can also be used to refer to doing something to spare somebody time or effort. 


  • The computer can be a bit unpredictable, so remember to save your work regularly.
  • Our content management software allows users to easily share and save work.
  • I can send those files for you if it would save you some work?

Save a place/seat

If you 'save a place/seat', you keep or reserve a position/chair for somebody.


  • Don't worry about running late for the conference. I've saved a seat for you.
  • Can you please save my place in the queue? I just need to go to the toilet.
  • saved a place on the course for you in case you missed the application deadline.

Life-saving surgery/operation

The terms 'life-saving surgery' or a 'life-saving operation' refer to an emergency procedure that must be carried out in order to prevent somebody's death.


  • Doctors had to perform life-saving surgery on the patient who was brought in with gun shot wounds.
  • The baby was born with a heart issue that required two life-saving operations to resolve.

Save a discussion (for another day)

To 'save a discussion', means to keep or preserve a conversation or discourse for a future time.


  • We've already spent too long in this meeting, so let's save the rest of the discussion for another day.
  • Other software issues came up during my investigation, but I will save a discussion on that for another report.
  • The two leaders only spoke very briefly in front of the cameras, saving their discussion on trade for a private meeting later in the day.

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