Collocations With The Word Below

Collocations are words that usually go together in English.

Here we are going to look at words that go with the word 'below' to make useful and popular expressions you will hear in social and professional contexts.

Below expectations

If something or somebody are 'below expectations', they are in some way inferior or less than somebody wanted or believed them to be.


  • The takeover bid was below expectations, so I told them to come back with a better offer.
  • I had high hopes, but your performances have so far fallen way below expectations.
  • Earnings were below expectations in the last fiscal year, so the company had to tighten their belt. 

Below deck

'Below deck' refers to any of the spaces beneath the top surface (deck) of a ship.


  • It was very windy and cold walking around the deck of the ship, so I went below deck to my cabin.
  • To keep them safe from the elements, the goods being transported were stored below deck.

Below average/par

If something or somebody are 'below average/par', they are worse or lower than is usual or expected. 


  • Sarah thinks she is a great driver, but in my opinion she is below average at best.
  • I'm feeling a little below par today. I hope I haven't picked up a cold.
  • I know my performances have been below average so far, but give me another chance and I will prove my worth!

Below standard

If something is 'below standard', it falls short of an acceptable level of quality or performance.


  • The facilities at the conference centre were simply not good enough. They were well below standard.
  • Adam's performance at work has been below standard for a while now. That's why we're letting him go.
  • The meal in that restaurant was below the standard I have come to expect from them.

Below budget

'Below budget' refers to something that has been done or achieved for less than the money allocated for it.


  • The team did a great job. The project was completed on time and below budget.
  • As long as I stay below budget, I won't need to get a bank loan to finish renovating my house.

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