How to Close a Presentation - Vocab

When you know that your time is coming to end, and your presentation is drawing to a close, there are some popular expressions in the English language that people use over and over again. Here are some examples.

wrap (it/things) up

We use this expression when we talk about reaching the end or bringing everything together, as if we were wrapping a gift to give to someone. When something is ‘wrapped up’, it is complete and ready.


  • It’s almost time to wrap things up, so if anyone has any questions, please raise a hand.

  • I’ve told you everything I had prepared. Now I’m going to tell a little story, which should wrap it all up nicely.

tie up loose ends

Although this may sound similar to ‘wrapping things up’, it is used when there are expectations of people having questions or being confused. If there are any outstanding issues (i.e. not dealt with), you could say that you are ‘tying up loose ends’ by dealing with them.


  • I know you probably have a lot of questions, but these last few slides should tie up any loose ends and address your concerns.

  • We have some loose ends to tie up, so before I take any questions, I’d just like to do a quick recap.

call it a day

When you say that you’re going to ‘call it a day’, you mean that you are finished or it is time to finish. This is similar to saying ‘call time on’.


  • Thank you all for your attention this afternoon. I think we can call it a day now.

  • Perhaps we should call it a day? There was a lot of information to take in, and I can see that everyone is tired.

that’s (it/all) for (now/today)

This is a simple expression where ‘it’ refers to whatever task you are dealing with. When you use ‘all’, it suggests that there was a lot of information to cover.


  • Well, that’s it for today. I appreciate you all being here and I look forward to taking up these matters at a later date.

  • I think I’ve covered everything. I certainly hope so. So, if no one has any questions, I think that’s all for now. Thank you.

that’s a wrap

This is very informal and would be used lightheartedly, so ensure you are in familiar company if you use it. Similar to talking about ‘wrapping things up’, when you say that something is ‘a wrap', you are saying the task has been completed or you are finished.


  • It’s 5 o’clock, so that’s a wrap. We’ll pick up from where we left off on Monday morning.

  • That was our final slide, so that’s a wrap. I very much appreciate you all coming this evening. Does anyone have any questions?

These are just a small number of expressions you can use to close any (generic) presentation. Remember that a lot of them are interchangeable, but using them will display your versatility with the English language. Check out our Themed Expressions pages for expressions related to more specific situations and topics.

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