Adverbs of Degree

Adverbs of degree tell us about the intensity, how much or how little there is of something.

I had virtually nothing to eat all day.

She felt terribly bad for upsetting her friend.

There was scarcely any food left on the shelves in the shops.

I was rather frightened when I head the noise outside.

I quite enjoy running in the evenings.

I was somewhat offended by what he said.

I could tell he was deeply unhappy.

I am greatly relieved to hear you are feeling better.

I am fairly confident I will pass the exam.

We are extremely excited for the concert.

I hardly had any time while I was working on that project.

I almost cried when I heard the news.

We are enormously grateful for the work you have done.

We are immensely concerned about the lack of safety measures.

I was highly surprised to see the sharp rise in figures.

The police were pretty shocked to find the criminal hiding nearby.

We very nearly missed our flight because of the traffic.

I seldom eat out because I enjoy cooking.

I was completely overwhelmed by my neighbors kindness while I was ill.

He announced publicly that he was entirely against the proposed legislation.


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