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worse for wear

worse for wear
1) not in good condition/the best state, has some defects/flaws, not (looking) as good as it could be (/look)
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    • he's a bit/little worse for wear after drinking/being sick
  • Analysis
    Something which is 'worse for wear' is in a bad condition due to overuse or worn from being used often over time. With objects 'worse for wear' usually means something is no longer in good condition. A person who is worse for wear has probably been through a difficult experience, is very sick or has been drinking a large amount of alcohol the night before.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. These books were damaged by water. You can still read them but they are a bit worse for wear.
    2. After the car accident, she was worse for wear, she had cuts on her face and a broken arm.
    3. A: "How are you feeling today?" B: "A bit worse for wear. I think I'm getting a cold.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. It really doesn't send a good signal to clients when our employees turn up to work worse for wear.
    2. It helps to create good conditions to work in with new, functional furniture rather than second-hand items that are worse for wear.
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